Endo-Medical Cannabis

Biocannabix Health Corporation Inc. (“BCX”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Relevium Technologies with a focus on Nutraceutical (ENS) and Medical Foods (ONS) products infused with targeted cannabinoid formulations for pediatric and geriatric medical applications.

The company combines leading biopharma expertise, agricultural and logistic advantages of Colombia and trusted brand status with a clinically validation process for Phyto therapeutic medical products aimed at pediatric applications.

Biocannabix’ vertically integrated operations are located in key markets around the world: Canada, Colombia and Germany.

• Scientific and Administrative Offices located in Montreal, Quebec
• Cultivation and Extraction operations with an initial 20 hectares located in Cali, Colombia
• Distribution and compliance partnership in Germany

The portfolio of Biocannabix brands include:

Cannakids®: Pediatric brand exclusive for the Canadian market
Relevium Senior®: Geriatric brand targeting inflammatory conditions including joints, heart and brain.
Relevium Kids®: Pediatric brand of Nutraceuticals and Oral Nutritional Supplements




The portfolio of Biocannabix brands include


Relevium Senior®

Relevium Kids