About BioGanix ®

BioGanix is a cutting-edge line of weight-loss, health, beauty improvement and fitness supplements and products. BioGanix products help people lose weight, become healthier, happier, and most importantly achieve the results that our customers are looking for.

BioGanix has some of the best-selling products in the Health and Personal Care category on Amazon, and a loyal customer base. The combination of online marketing with an emphasis on superior quality products backed by stringent scientific research and formulations, this has developed BioGanix in becoming one of the leading dietary supplement brands in the U.S.

Since acquiring the BioGanix brand in 2017, Relevium grew its product line to 45 products and expanded its distribution channels as the company is now selling on Walmart.com in the United States. Relevium has also increased the BioGanix brand internationally as it is now available on Amazon.co.uk. Relevium will continue to execute on its global growth strategy with the European market insight and soon the Canadian market. Relevium will continue to innovate with the BioGanix brand, expand the product line and distribution channels to further drive growth.

BioGanix continues to increase its brand and customer base in the Health and Wellness sector through increased product offerings, distribution channels and international footprint.