Investment Focus

Relevium’s focus is to acquire SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurial e-brands and to expand their product offering by introducing the latest and highest quality formulations and by optimizing market position through technology and strategic marketing.

In 2017 the “Well Economy” shows no signs of slowing.

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Nutraceuticals like BioGanix, are nutritional supplements derived from natural sources that compliment progressive health and wellness programs. Nutraceuticals play a significant role in preventive health and therefore are an area of strategic focus in terms of our business strategy.

Sports Nutrition

Sports supplements like those from BGX Performance, are based on a science that aims to improve fitness and performance. Supplements such as pre-workouts, intra-workouts, proteins and post workouts are formulated with careful attention to three major categories: Energy, Recovery and Performance.


Nutricosmetics (ingestible) and Cosmeceuticals (topical) are the combination of natural ingredients, cosmetics and pharmaceutical grade ingredients aimed at improving skin health, as well as, overall health and wellness.