Relevium Technologies


Nutraceuticals are nutritional supplements derived from natural sources that compliment progressive health and wellness programs. Nutraceuticals play a significant role in preventive health and therefore are an area of strategic focus in terms of our business strategy.

Relevium’s initial focus will be on building e-retail assets and expanding product offerings by introducing new formulations to support mind and physical performance and recovery.

Investment in this market is supported by industry projections for growth in a market that is estimated to reach USD 38.7 Billion by 2020.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are those that are attached to the human body that support health and wellness by addressing specific health needs. With access to mobile technology, some of these devices also use biosensors to monitor and capture physiological data, giving the users quantitative feedback about their progress.

Progressive health and wellness consumers have been driving innovation and demand for Wearable Medical and Fitness Devices. Mordor Intelligence has forecast that the global wearable medical device market will exceed $7.8 billion by 2020.

Leveraging its patented magnetic technology, Relevium’s focus will be in acquiring e-retail assets and exclusive distribution agreements and partnerships to serve two of the main four segments of this market; Health and Fitness, and Recovery, with monitoring and feedback as important deliverables among the desired health and wellness benefits of the products.

Wellness Services

Progressive consumers and a more active aging population have led to changes in consumer attitudes and greatly influenced healthcare payment models. These changes are disrupting the physiotherapist’s business model and scope of practice and Relevium plans to deliver a combined wellness service offering tailored to fit the new model for the delivery of comprehensive wellness services, which includes technology at the center of the operations and delivery of customer service.