Board Advisory Team

Enrique Fidalgo, BSPC

Providing guidance and support over the sports performance segment of the business, Enrique Fidalgo is a trained Functional Movement Specialist formally trained at the University of Miami and Professional Sports Coach (BSpC), Swimming Coach, CSCS, TSAC-F. In addition to his training and athletics coaching career, Enrique worked for various non-for-profit organizations helping build national and international community centers in the goal of providing opportunities for underprivileged individuals to attain academic formations and participate in sports.

Ed Ierfino

Mr. Edward Ierfino has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in finance from Concordia University in Montreal, Québec. Since 2003, he has been President of EGI Holdings Corporation (formerly Canadian Electronic Deposit Centre Inc.), a consultancy firm providing advice to executive management and directors of public companies in the areas of financing, investor relations, regulatory compliance and strategic development; and specific experience in the natural resources, financial transaction services and technology industries. Most recently, Mr. Ierfino was the manager, investor relations at Argex Titanium Inc. from July 2011 until June 2012. He also has served on the board of directors of two issuers listed on the TSX-V.

Jay A. Kiss, N.D

Providing guidance and support over the pain management and injury recovery segment of the business, Jay A. Kiss is the founder of SPC Physio in 1996 and as a Sports Therapist, Jay has successfully treated, trained and rehabilitated numerous world class, Olympic and professional athletes. Jay co-developed and put in place a unique system called F.I.T.T.S, the Flexible Integrated Therapy and Training System. The F.I.T.T.S philosophy encompasses several cutting edge manual therapy, evaluation, and training techniques which have become his clinic’s winning formula.

Quinn Roukema

Mr. Quinn Roukema is an experienced entrepreneur with a focus on E-Commerce. Roukema began his career as brand manager for Red Bull in the Netherlands and moved to Montreal where he co-founded, a company that was subsequently sold to a venture firm in Texas. Mr. Roukema is currently co-founder and CEO of E-Retail Society Group (, which is a fast-growing global e-commerce. Mr. Roukema is a graduate of the Business & Innovation program from the VU University of Amsterdam. Mr. Roukema is advisor to Relevium E-Health Inc. and provides guidance over the Company’s consolidation and strategic development of its E-Commerce business.

Martin M. Scullion

Mr. Martin M. Scullion, managing partner at the Southbank Healthcare Centre in Ottawa, is an experienced healthcare executive with extensive involvement in delivering and consolidating health services and medical clinics. Mr. Scullion’s experience includes partnering with the Canadian Government and the European Bank of Reconstruction to provide special services to Bel Medic Hospital in Serbia. Mr. Scullion was also a senior executive at MED-EMERG International, a NASDAQ listed company and was responsible for the integration of YFMC Healthcare and its network of primary and immediate health care facilities. Mr. Scullion provides guidance and assistance to Relevium Wellness Inc. in the strategic deployment and integration of Physio and Wellness clinics and provides guidance over the Company’s consolidation and strategic development of its wellness business.